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CSRA's most raved about dessert shop!


We really are the CSRA's #1 Dessert Shop!

Tempt your taste buds with devilishly good desserts and frozen treats from Whipped Creamery in Grovetown, Georgia. We offer a selection of desserts for everyone! Come get comfortable and eat to your heart’s content. All you have to do is just sit back, relax, and bond with your friends and family. We will serve you the best-tasting gourmet desserts that will surely satisfy your sweet cravings.  This is the place where dessert for dinner is the norm!

Our Mission

We strive to seize every opportunity to whip up a positive atmosphere by being a good influence to all who come in contact with Whipped Creamery while offering creative freedom and serving up smiles with our unique and nostalgic dessert creations.

What Makes Us Unique

Whipped Creamery makes all the bad experiences better. Through our desserts, we are able to cheer people up and give them the boost they need. Every customer that indulges in our desserts leave feeling happier and more refreshed. Our menu is more like a blueprint, where you have the creative freedom, to design your desserts exactly the way YOU crave it.  We guide each and every customer through the dessert design process by providing samples and making recommendations. Oh it's definitely not just about the desserts for us, it's about providing you a whole experience!  Don’t just take our word for it; come and experience us yourself! 

Moreover, owner Alea Garvin has a harmonious relationship with the team. Alea is passionate about the business and what it does for the team and customers. Her great leadership skills, passion for people and relationships, positive influence, creativity, and strong dedication sets her apart distinguishingly.  Her candid approach, charisma, business acumen, compassion and mentorship of other local business owners, speak volumes of  her character and her drive! You should definitely be excited to meet and engage with her! Her energy is so very intoxicating!  

Get to know Alea, she manages all the social media and loves communicating with our followers and supporters.  Follow us!

Our Team

Whipped Creamery fosters a healthy and happy work environment. We encourage our team to think positively and believe in positive outcomes. These positive affirmations will reflect in their day-to-day behavior and their personal, professional, and social lives.

Moreover, our staff members are trained to become impactful, productive, and influential leaders—regardless of their level of experience. Whipped Creamery promotes a continuous learning environment where each employee is thoroughly trained in sanitation and safety, protecting themselves and our customers from foodborne illnesses or injuries. 

Anyone who comes in contact with Whipped Creamery can have peace of mind knowing that their treats are crafted with a high degree of care and quality. We are always searching for team members who will contribute to our culture and experience. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our employees:

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  • Fun, friendly, and charismatic with an outgoing personality
  • Professional, honest, trustworthy, and transparent, yet teachable
  • Committed to exceptional customer service

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  • Has initiative and a strong work ethic
  • Clear and concise communicator
  • Empathetic
  • Desire to have fun

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  • Team player with a positive attitude
  • Neat, clean, and organized in behavior and appearance
  • Respectful of self and others

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Did I mention we really need outgoing personalities?  Interested in the Whipped Creamery team experience? Apply now!

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Our Humble Beginnings

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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Get to Know Us Even More

To learn more about us, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Nextdoor and Instagram @whippedcreamerytreats.

Customer Testimonials

Find our reviews on the following pages: all links open in a new page

Yelp: click here

Google (via google maps): Click Here

Trip Advisor: click here 

Facebook: click here

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